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Being and building an inclusive, accessible, sustainable business might seem impossible some days, but there’s something you should know:

You don’t have to figure it out alone.

What if I told you there was a safe space where you could do the deep work to create lasting, positive change in your business (and the world)?

A space where you could take marketing missteps, learn from them and grow alongside a group of equity-centered entrepreneurs.

A space that gave you the resources, community, and support needed to lead and market a sustainable, thriving business with your own values.

This is what it looks like inside the Just Marketing®Alliance, and we’d love you to join.

What Is Just Marketing®?

just (adjective) \ ˈjəst : Acting or being in conformity with what is morally upright or good.

My signature approach to marketing is Just Marketing® - the rejection of exploitative marketing tactics and prioritization of justice (ethics, inclusion, and accessibility).

There is no one-size-fits-all marketing strategy... your strategy is 100% unique to your business.

And with Just Marketing®, each and every marketing strategy is strengthened because putting people before profits actually increases profitability.

(And it’s simply the right thing to do.)


What Can You Expect Inside The

Just Marketing® Alliance?

Hand holding a heart with the word "Values."

Values are what set us apart from others and guide business decisions. Consistent with our values, the Just Marketing® Alliance prioritizes Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion.

Scales of Justice with a heart on one side and money on the other side. Says "Ethical Alignment".

When you market in an equitable way, marketing

becomes easier,

feels better,

and is more effective.

That's Just Marketing®!

Arrows go continuously around a checkmark. Says "Progress".

Inside the Just Marketing® Alliance, we work towards progress, not perfection. It’s ok to mess up, as long as you are willing to learn from your mistakes. We make constant audits, we keep learning, and we keep striving to do better.

A graph shows increasing results with an arrow indicating continued growth. Reads, "Traffic, Leads, and Sales."

Just Marketing® isn’t just the right (or kind) thing to do - it’s also the most effective way to market (or grow/scale) your business.

A clock is surrounded by an arrow indicating the passing of time. Says, "growth."

Every stage of business brings new goals & challenges - scaling, pivoting, outsourcing -

the Just Marketing® Alliance will grow & pivot with you as you navigate the ever-changing world of equity-centered entrepreneurship.

The Just Marketing® Alliance was created with progressive entrepreneurs like you in mind. Inside, you will find:


Monthly goal setting & coworking sessions to keep you on track, and up-to-date.


Access a growing library of resources from industry-leading experts.


Network & collaborate with like-minded Just Marketers®.

Best Practices

So you can truly market and operate your business through an equity-centered lens.

(BONUS: You never have to leave home 💻 and pants 👖 are optional)

Hi, I'm Your Host

Meg Brunson

Author | Blogger | CEO | Podcaster | Parent

Justice is a core value that I can track back to my childhood.

In fact, when I was a kid, every member of my family was certain I would grow up to be a lawyer.

I was always intensely curious, wanted to get to the bottom of every mystery, and ensure everyone was happy in the end.

I went to college and majored in, you guessed it — criminal justice.

Then, as it does, life happened. After a series of twists and turns, I found myself in the online marketing space - and feeling like an outsider.

Many of the strategies being taught for effective marketing just felt icky. It wasn't natural for me, and it didn't feel good.

So I did things my own way.

I incorporated the bits and pieces that made sense and left the rest.

Only recently did it become clear to me that the reason marketing felt out of alignment for me is because it lacked the core value of justice.

Just Marketing® is where Justice and Marketing collide.

It’s marketing that is accessible and inclusive, so people can consume it (and so that they want to!).

It’s marketing that prioritizes people over profits.

It’s marketing that examines all tactics and strategies from an equity-centered lens.

Is it overwhelming to evaluate and renovate your entire marketing strategy? Of course it is.

But, that is what the Just Marketing® Alliance is here for. To help you take it one step at a time.

If You Want To:

  • Work towards progress (not perfection)

  • Market through an equity-centered lens

  • Continue learning how to be better

  • Infuse your progressive values into your business

  • Feel less overwhelmed

  • Attract aligned clients who you’re excited to serve

  • Increase your income and impact

You need a network that "gets it."

A community of like-minded, equity-centered entrepreneurs, brought together around actionable, educational trainings from industry-leading experts, who are invested in each other's success.

We value learning from a wide variety of trainers - each with unique experiences & expertise.


Meet Some Of The Just Marketing® Experts

You'll find existing and/or upcoming trainings from:

Plus more - and we're always inviting new experts to contribute value within our community.

We learn together, make mistakes together, and grow together inside the Just Marketing® Alliance.

Entrepreneurship can feel isolating at times, but Just Marketing® doesn’t have to.


Ongoing virtual events Help You Reach Your Goals

Monthly Content Planning Workshops

After we get your Just Marketing® strategy locked in, we will meet monthly and create content for the coming months. No more wondering what to post, or when to post it.

Co-Working Sessions

A collaborative, judgment-free, virtual conference room sit down and take care of that content to-do list, together. We hold each other accountable and have the opportunity to grow in community.

Lunch & Learn Masterclasses

Member feedback guides the training topics and we encourage members to share their expertise. Grab something tasty, and pick up a new marketing skill or two from the comfort of your home.

Happy Hour Events

Whether you’ve got questions about your growth metrics on social, or you’re not sure how to respond to the latest social justice atrocity — this is an opportunity to network with other online business owners who are ready, willing and motivated to be part of a positive change.

Tracey attended a Content Planning Workshop recently, and shared this feedback with us ...

Other Perks of Joining the Just Marketing® Alliance:

  • New Friends: You'll join a tight-knit community of fellow progressive entrepreneurs who support each other through the challenges and hiccups that come with learning how to market and operate your business through an equity-centered lens.

  • Increased Productivity: With our monthly content workshops, you'll never have to worry about what to post again!

  • A LOT of Learning: From how to make your hashtags more accessible to what to do when you mess up on this journey (hint: you will, we all do, it’s ok!), you will have access to trainings on all things Just Marketing®!

  • Crushing Business Goals: Join happy hour for speed-networking & mastermind discussions centered around our business goals, growth and DEI efforts.

  • Making an Impact and Reaching a Wider Audience: The Just Marketing® Alliance will become your go-to resource for reaching as many humans on this planet as you can through your equity-centered efforts.

  • Creating A World You Want to Be Part Of: The news is bleak at best. We’re all tired, and we all want to make a difference. Join the Just Marketing® movement to use your business as a vehicle for change.

All you have to do is click the button below 👇 and join the Just Marketing® Alliance today!




We value equity for all people and recognize that Just Marketers® are diverse, including members of all races, cultures, religions, genders, orientations, abilities, body sizes, ages, etc.

For that reason, we screen all potential members, experts, and guests to foster a safe and progressive community that is actively working towards becoming more intentionally inclusive.

We value people over profits, and hatred of any kind will not be tolerated within the Just Marketing® Alliance.


What Trainings Are Included In The Just Marketing® Vault?

You'll have access to my best-selling programs, including:


#1 Weekly Social Content

We're taking a manageable approach to building out an evergreen social media marketing strategy - one week at a time.

Each week, you'll open the Weekly Social Content email and be held accountable to schedule next week's content while also banking the content into your own personal "content vault."

All of the content you create through Weekly Social Content will be able to be repurposed (with minor tweaks) for years to come, so the content creation process gets easier and easier as we go.

Getting the foundations set up is the hardest part - but Weekly Social Content makes it as easy as humanly possible.

[Captioned videos, and transcripts currently available]



#2 Turning Followers Into Profits

Turning Followers Into Profits is an in-depth online course designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners develop and implement tangible organic social media marketing strategies to connect with their target audiences.


1000+ (organized, easy-to-digest) content prompts, so you never run out of things to post about - on any platform - again.

It is the ultimate guide to learning how to turn followers into profits while remaining authentically you in business.

[Captioned videos, and transcripts currently available]



#3 Complete Guide to Facebook & Instagram Advertising

Facebook Ads can be an inexpensive and effective way to market your business if you know how to leverage them.

Ready? Set... Ad! provides you with a strategy to ensure that you are not wasting cash on ads that don't drive conversions (leads and sales).

After taking this course, you'll be setting up beautiful Facebook Ads like a pro - maximizing your Return on Investment (ROI) on every dollar you spend - even if you've never run Ads before.

[Captioned videos, and transcripts currently available]

Collaborative Trainings With Incredible Guest Experts Including:


#4 Develop a Profitable Marketing Plan

Your ideal clients and well-paying customers don’t magically appear out of thin air. You do need to put in the work to find them, but the process shouldn’t feel like a trip to the dentist, either!

All you need is a plan, my friend. And I have gathered 20+ industry experts together in the Build Your Marketing Plan course to guide you through creating and executing your unique, organic marketing plan (that’s right, no worrying about dumping dollars into ad strategies here).

If you’ve been struggling with figuring out how to create a marketing strategy that actually works, you’ll definitely find the answers to what you are looking for here!

[Captioned videos, transcripts, and audio podcast currently available]



#5 Build/Optimize Your Money-Making Website

Your website could make you money while you’re on vacation, spending time with family, or catching up on some zzz’s, but this is not the case for most entrepreneurs!

I’ve brought together the smartest marketers I know to help you optimize your website. Let us show you how to set up your website so it makes money without:

  • - Being an IT or CSS Expert

  • - Burning yourself out

  • - Wasting money and effort on assets that don’t work

We’ll show you the exact strategies that will get you found, build relationships, and attract users to your website - and turn your shiny new website into the money-making machine that it was always meant to be.

[Captioned videos, transcripts, and audio podcast currently available]

Plus, Exclusive Masterclasses On Topics Including:

...and more...

with new trainings added monthly!

And your feedback will influence upcoming trainings, so the Just Marketing® Alliance will grow & pivot with you as you navigate the ever-changing world of entrepreneurship. 🙌


The Just Marketing® Alliance is for you if...

  • You want to infuse your progressive values into your business model and marketing plan.

  • You feel like you struggle to keep up with all the ways to make your content inclusive and accessible and could use some guidance.

  • You want to build a diverse, inclusive, equitable, and impactful business.

  • You want to reach more people and you know that (inclusive and accessible) Just Marketing® strategies will allow you to do so.

  • You want to grow professionally and personally.

  • You're interested in learning effective Just Marketing® strategies that are aligned with your values.

  • You want to build and scale a profitable business using marketing strategies that feel good, and are effective.

  • You want to increase your income and the impact you have on your family, community, and the world.

  • You want all people to feel welcomed and celebrated by your business.


When is this whole thing happening?

The Just Marketing® Alliance is a monthly membership program. You receive immediate access to the training vault and Facebook community.

The current calendar of events includes:

  • - Content Planning Workshops

  • - Coworking sessions

  • - Happy hour networking sessions

  • - Trainings

  • - Upcoming summits

The full schedule is available inside of the Vault, and inside of the Facebook group under the "Events" tab.

Will I have lifetime access to the trainings?

The Just Marketing® Alliance is a low-cost membership program meant to provide high-value trainings and networking opportunities as affordably as possible.

As long as your account is current (you're paying the monthly fee) you will have access to all the trainings, networking opportunities, and the community support.

If/when your payment lapses or you cancel your membership, you will lose access to all resources and upcoming events at the end of the current payment cycle.

Will all of the speakers get my email address?

No. Your email address will not be shared with ANYONE.

We respect your privacy and want to make sure that you are not inundated with emails that you don't want to receive.

That being said, our speakers are selected very carefully, and if the information they share resonates with you during the summit, I encourage you to join their list. You can always unsubscribe from anything that does not align with your current goals.

If you have questions/concerns - please reach out! You can also learn more in our Privacy Policy.

Are videos captioned/transcribed?

Yes. Effective April 2021, all sessions will be captioned and transcribed. Sessions are not captioned while live, but captioning and transcription typically happens within one week.

We're also working our way through captioning/transcribing all previously recorded sessions.

If you would like to request something specific, or if additional accommodations are required, email meg@megbrunson.com

What happens after I join?

Upon registration, you will receive an email with the information you need to instantly access The Vault (all of our pre-recorded trainings) and a link to request access to the private Just Marketing® Alliance Facebook Group.

You'll be able to access the calendar of upcoming trainings and networking events from the Facebook Group, and we'll also send a monthly email to keep you in the loop.

The live trainings and networking events are hosted on a third-party platform, and we'll send that information in the email as well (plus you'll find it in the Facebook Group and within the Vault).

Other opportunities for collaboration and connection will be announced on an ongoing basis in the Facebook Group and monthly email.

You are always encouraged to email me directly at meg@megbrunson.com with any questions!

What tech will I need?

The tech requirements are minimal...

  • - You will need an email address - to register for the Just Marketing® Alliance, receive related updates, and to access the vault and networking platforms.

  • - You will need an internet connection - to access the trainings and networking opportunities.

  • - You will need a Facebook profile - if you want to access the interactive discussions in the private Facebook Group.

  • - You will need a camera and/or mic to access the networking platform.

Are the presentations live?

The vault is full of pre-recorded content, and we offer a variety of live and pre-recorded trainings throughout the year.

All live sessions are recorded, and the recordings are captioned and transcribed before being added to The Vault.

I have other questions...

I'm happy to answer any questions you have! You can email me directly at meg@megbrunson.com

The Just Marketing® Alliance is your go-to resource for transformational connections and trainings that will lead to building a profitable, equity-centered business that makes the kind of positive impact you are seeking.


We've Covered A Lot Let's Review

  • Instant access to The Vault - 100+ organized and easily navigatable trainings

  • Monthly content planning workshops - no more uncertainty over what to post

  • Monthly coworking sessions - accountability to make moves in your business

  • Monthly happy hour events - networking with each other and Q&A with Meg

  • An invitation into our exclusive Facebook group - 24/7 community access

  • Monthly exclusive masterclasses - ongoing professional development

  • Locked in pricing - it'll never change

  • Cancel at any time - no cancellation fees

ONLY $50/mo

Cancel at any time

Being truly accessible & inclusive in our marketing takes work.

It takes a lot of learning from mistakes, and learning how to be uncomfortable.

And while it won’t change Supreme Court decisions or eliminate racism and transphobia, we can turn our businesses into tools for disrupting systems of oppression.

Being truly accessible and inclusive in your marketing (and the way you do business) will allow you to be part of a movement.

A movement toward a more just world.

And as your business grows, so too will your impact, and your income.

Understand the value of equity-centered marketing but not sure where to start?

Feeling overwhelmed?

Let’s learn together inside the Just Marketing® Alliance.

ONLY $50/mo

& you can cancel at anytime.

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